3 Tips to Make 2017 YOUR Year!

Tips to Make 2017 Your Year


  1. Love yourself – “New Year New me! ” right ? But as much as we would love to change every area of our lives for the better, it starts with how we feel about ourselves; what words we allow to influence the ways we see ourselves, & what we allow to make room in our lives. You can talk all day about the positive change you want to see in your life but if you are not weeding out the poison to make room for the greatness, your life won’t change. Poison can range from a toxic relationship, your negative perception of yourself, or even sleeping on your goals & dreams. Leave what happened in 2016 where it is, start fresh with a renewed spirit, speak life into your spirit, and do the work on your road to loving who you are.
  2. Along with Long term goals , Make SHORT term goals. – while long term goals are cool for the overall year ahead, don’t forget to make those 3 month, 2 month , or even weekly goals you may set for yourself. It’s so much easier when you break down THE BIG GOAL into smaller goals to accomplish. They become less overwhelming & more tangible to complete.
  3. Keep the element of FUN in your life – This Year might be one filled with hard work, focus, and determination but what you can’t forget is to live life and make time for FUN. Some of us might get obsessed with working because we have goals we really want to accomplish but remember sometimes it’s okay to step away for a few days and clear your mind. Plan a trip, take a break from social media, go out and be with friends ! While working, you also want to make memories that will last a lifetime with people you love. Never forget that. Create a sense of balance for yourself.
    Happy New Year !

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