4 Ways to tell your best friend is your RIDE or DIE

4 Ways to tell your best friend is your RIDE or DIE!

For many, best friends are hard to come by,especially that ride or die, down for anything, anytime, always has your back best friend. For some your best friend would be your sibling, so there is absolutely no doubt that they have your back. But for others that’s not the case, so it may be hard to tell who is real and who is fake. Here are four ways to know if your girl is your ride or die:


  1. You know your best friend is a ride or die if every time your boyfriend’s name is mentioned she tells you. Most “so called friends” won’t tell you if your man is messing around or if they saw him and his boys out at the strip club when he told you he was at his mom’s house. Your best friend won’t waste anytime calling you and letting you know what’s going on with your man.

  1. You get dressed for Saturday night drinks, in hopes to bag you a new boo. You put on your stilettos and find a dress you completely forgot about in the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in years. You slay both your hair and makeup, and are ready to head out when your friend arrives. Now you know your friend is a ride or die by what they do next…If your friend hits you with the “oooh that’s what you’re wearing? Girl you slaying” and doesn’t tell you that your dress is two sizes too small and you need some spanx, that is not your ride or die! Your real ride or die best friend will tell you that you look like a hot mess, grab you a new outfit from the closet,  and say “you’re a reflection of both of us”.

  1. The two of you have plans for a girls night out. Your check was less than you expected, you don’t have enough money to cover your movie ticket, and your half of the dinner bill. A friend will most likely brag and hit you with the “Oh girl I got a fat check this week. So how are you going to pay for your meal?” A real ride or die best friend will offer to pay for you, as they know you’ve been having a rough time getting adjusted to your new job.

  1. If your best friend is not down to commit small crimes with you, that is not your ride or die. If you find out your man is fooling around on you, your best friend should already have the eggs in their hand and be ready to slash a tire or two. If your friend sits in the car the entire time and doesn’t participate in these criminal acts with you. That is not the one.Post by Danielle Kimble

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