Body Shaming “Teacher Bae”


teacherbae2I’m sure you all have seen the photos of  Patrice Brown “Teacher Bae” blowing up your TL’s and news feeds. Photos of the fourth grade teacher broke headlines but not about her success in the classroom and her brilliance in executing her job but… because of her outfit. WHAT A SHOCK?! ….NOT.  If you are someone that find hers attire “inappropriate” First ask yourself, ” Is it the dress, or is it her body I have a problem with?” For years society has a way of over sexualizing the physique of a woman who is full figured leaving women like such to be ashamed to wear certain garments in fear that she may be asking for attention she doesn’t want or to make others feel comfortable. I a full figured or “thick” young woman have had to understand at an early age I had to be careful what I wear at certain gatherings. So I will keep my shoulders covered, chest covered, and dress below the knee; all of which Brown has done and was doing. Heres what I think the problem is, society has yet to understand that women having curves doesn’t equate to SEX. No woman ever should feel inferior for the body type she has. Not everyone is a size 2! A lot of us have hips, nicely filled out thighs that we can not hide. Another thing is a dress may not look the same on every body type. Some may fill out the a dress or top that may make it out to be tight, is that the woman’s fault? NO. So what would you like her to wear? A moo moo maybe ?  According to the Huffington Post Brown has since had to remove photos from her instagram showing her in the class room setting which was done by the hands of the school she works for. This is taking away from the representation young people of color need to see. We need women like her to be the example that you too can achieve greatness at an educational level and still be fly in the process. Is it fair that she is now being forced to change her attire? What was the purpose behind removing the photos? What are your thoughts on the matter? Leave Comments Below…..teacher-bae-tweet

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