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Books Vs Beats

Growing up in a musical family the creation of sound was a natural calling for musician and clothing designer Eric Jones (@ImEricJones). Taking after his grandfather, Eric took piano lessons at the tender age of seven. Those lessons later led him to perform at various recitals and venues all around Los Angeles and neighboring areas. Solidifying his love for music, Eric landed himself right in the middle of Hip-Hop. Going on to perfect his rap skills, he went on to produce his first body of work entitled Books Vs. Beats. The collection of songs is the creator’s perfect introduction.

As a creative Eric sought after other avenues to express himself — venturing into clothing design he created a series of sweaters that married his music. His clothing line showcases the words beats, books, and album title books vs beats. Eric was pleased to have sold his first shipment of sweaters successfully and the momentum has yet to end. Seeing Tank of Tank and The Bangas rocking a “beats” sweatshirt during their NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series entry pushed him into a whirlwind. Since then Eric Jones’ sweaters have taken on a reputation that has thrown him head first into the streetwear scene.

Recently sitting down with The Daily T, Eric discussed the Books Vs Beats EP, the Beats clothing line, and his chance encounter with NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest winners Tank and The Bangas.

A new episode of The Daily T airs Thursdays on at 1:30 pm pst. Be sure to tune in!

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