Brown Girl Essentials

Brown Girl Essentials ( Summer Edition)

In order to keep your Black girl magic flowing this summer, you need products geared towards your skin. Listed below are five Black owned  brands and natural products ranging from hair to bodycare. These are the essentials you’ll need this summer, to keep your melanin poppin’ like never before.

  1. Bekura Beauty: (bee-kure-ah) meaning treasured are products made with ingredients such as floral honey nectars, cacao beans and cold-pressed fruit butters. No synthetic coloring, parabens, peyrochemicals, GMO’s or animal testing. Their products range from Hair to body.
  2. Oyin handmade: Oyin is the Yoruba word honey. Originally created and gear towards natural organic products  for natural hair but have expanded over to bodycare products. Their products are cruelty-free. No petroleum, silicones, sulfates, parabens or non-nourishing fillers.
  3. Butters N Bars: one stop shop for everything natural skincare, including ayurvedic powders and oils. The shea butter is fair trade and sourced directly from Africa, as well. If you’re into DIY mixes and treatments, you’ll find some goodies here!
  4. Royal Nubian Skin Care: Customized products for your skin ! Plus their natural and organic.
  5. Dirty Beauty: Provides you with options for every step of your skincare regimen, from pre-cleansing to finishing touches. And, just in time for summer, there’s a “Bling Balm” that acts as a body bronzer and will have your skin looking like mirrors.

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