How to Plan the Perfect Pool Party!

  1. How to Plan the Perfect Pool Party!

Okay it’s June! So you know what that means,  get your bikinis out, its pool party time.  If you want to throw the most lit pool party ever here are five tips you need to know:

  1. Now most people may say the food is most important but to us, it’s the music. If your music isn’t right, your party has the potential to be an epic fail. It’s always important to assess the age group of the party attendees. This is so that you know what type of music selections to make. You don’t want to play Gucci mane and your party goers are in the 40-50 age range even though it just might work. Here”s a list we found just for you!
  2. Once the music is out of the way, the food is the next must have. Go to your local grocery store and stock up on the ribs, hotlinks, hamburgers, grilled chicken and baked beans with a side of corn on the cob. The food has to be on point. If momma Mabel with the fat elbows makes the collards right, there won’t be a leaf left. Don’t forget your fruit platters and finger food for your boujee crew. Here’s a super delicious BBQ Chicken dish from The Kitchenista  herself Angela
  3. Make sure to invite the right group of people. Nobody wants their party to be like an episode of “Love and Hip Hop” with a full on fight at the bar. You know your guests the best so it’s up to you to be sure that you pick them accordingly. If you want to class it up, don’t just send out a group text form a guest list and send out exclusive invites.
  4. If it’s a hot sunny day the beverages need to be cool and crisp. Cold, cold beer with limes on the side, ice cold lemonade, soft drinks, and cranberry juice for those that like to chase with their favorite alcoholic beverage . It’s always a cute idea to have tropical umbrellas to place in your drinks. Margaritas are always a good idea for a pool party too! ( IF YOU ARE OF AGE OF COURSE) Here’s a recipe to one of our favorites!
  5. THEME’S are always a good idea. If it’s a Hawaiian themed pool party, go to your local party store for decorations. Party City has a whole section dedicated to this theme. If you’re going upscale plan the invitations to match your theme. Be sure to get enough tables, and chairs for everyone as well as maybe a few heaters for when the temperature drops later in the evening ( If thats in your budget). Set some tiki torches in the yard surrounding the pool. If you followed these steps, and planned your party right it’s sure to go into the late evening hours. Purchasing a multicolor underwater light for the pool from your local pool supply or Amazon will definitely leave your guests with a lasting impression, and add that sexy touch for late night poolside conversations. Here’s the link !

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