Let’s Talk “Queen Sugar”

Let’s Talk “Queen Sugar”

     Clutch your pearls and hold on to your wigs Queen Sugar is back! Season 2 Episode 2 “To Usward” brought us just as much juiciness as Season 2 Episode 1 did!

Ralph Angel needs money to buy the Soy Bean seeds. But when he goes to the bank to make a withdrawal for the seeds, he’s told he can’t take out the money without Charley’s signature. Considering how the last conversation went when he brought up the soybeans at the Juneteenth Dinner, he decides to confide in Remy. Remy encourages RA to apply for a micro –loan ( this spells out disaster and messiness at its finest). RA moves forward with the loan, nervous due to his criminal record and because he’ll need a letter from his Employer: Charley. (The messiness doesn’t end there)

Remember Roberta from last season, Miss hide your boyfriends, hide your husbands because she taking everybody’s man is back with some juicy information. She tells Violet she’s overheard some troubling news; There has been an electrical explosion at the rig Hollywood is working on.

Charley is heading to her final divorce mediation session with Davis. Hoping things will give her closure she instead encounters a curveball from Davis. He wants joint custody of Micah. (That’s right Mr. I’ll buy his love with materialistic things wants joint custody. I think this is an ulterior motive.) Charley must had sensed it too because she calls him out on it, but Davis reassures her he’s already spoken to Micah and he’s on board with it.

Date night with Darla, Blue and Ralph-Angel. (This scene to me is highly important!)  While Darla and Ralph-Angel are trying to enjoy their date night its hard due to the distraction of Blue playing with his Kenya doll loudly. But when the waiter comes over and asks rather Blue would rather have a transformer doll instead of the doll Ralph Angel Clearly gets upset. I stated this scene was the most important to me for a few reasons. For one in the Black community masculinity is a huge concern. You can do one little thing that seems questionable and you’re questioned if you’re gay. Which brings me to my next point in the Black Community there is a don’t ask don’t tell policy when it comes to the speaking about Sexuality. Finally, last but not least Black men are frowned upon if there some is gay, it’s been this huge unspoken rule that if your son is gay you’ve failed him. For RA to speak up to the waiter regarding his son’s choice in toys made me cry a little because it just goes to show, my son is my son nothing else matters.

After the disaster from the mediation, Charley calls her mom which she hasn’t spoken to since Season 1 when the flowers were sent for the father’s funeral. She leaves a voicemail telling her that she misses her. She stops by Remy’s house who informs her it’s the anniversary of his late wife death. He opens up to her about his grief and apologizes to her as well about trying to rush things while she’s still in a middle of a divorce.

Violet is over at the rig searching anxiously for Hollywood.  Her and Hollywood embrace after he gets off the bus. After he hangs up with his mom, we see Micah wondering aimlessly down random streets. He attempts to get on the bus which he knows nothing about. It Coincidentally leads him to his aunt’s fundraiser. Nova embraces him in a hug and tells him it’s going to be okay as sirens of the police who are monitoring the event flash behind him.

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