To my heart ….#Loveletterseries



Today marks 4 months of our love though we beg to differ its been longer. “4 months? Thats it?” some people may say but they don’t understand the importance. They didn’t see the 7 months prior filled with all the simple steps regular dating couples take in getting to know each other that live in close proximity to one another. Our dates were face time calls which barely happened because service was mostly bad, or phone calls early in the morning as a means to start our days right or late at night to help us sleep well that consistently dropped in the middle of sentences; The tears every time I got the chance to visit you for a few days at a time and then had to go back home. They don’t know. I got to spend a month this summer still learning the in’s and out of your mind and I am impressed and so blessed. Im blessed to have someone that unconditionally loves me even when I’m not so lovable; I’m blessed to have someone who has no problem with being honest with me even if it hurts; I’m so incredibly blessed to just have a partner I can safely love that loves me just as much as I do him if not more.  I am grateful to have found a king in this crazy world that never passes judgement on me and is willing to grow with me. 


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