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So over the weekend I met with a friend of mine who has gone vegan! Yeah I know VEGAN is a scary word for some of you almost to the point where you don’t hear anything after its been uttered, BUT HEAR ME OUT! We had lunch at my favorite restaurant “Veggie Grill” which is a vegan spot and by the end of the lunch I was sold on the idea of being Vegan or at least cutting down my meat and dairy intake drastically and hears why: According to Oldwayspt.org those of African Ancestry are suppose to consume mostly vegatables and fruits which is why LACTOSE INTOLERANCE is so common in the black community. Our bodies weren’t created to break down those things along with MEAT! Meat is suppose to be consumed moderately instead of everyday just like American culture has tricked us into believing. I myself am someone that became exposed to the meaning of GMO ( genetically modified foods) and processed food way back in my 11th grade year of highschool by my chemistry teacher. These chemicals are put in food to make them grow at faster rates so factories or companies can sell more of the product or even preserve certain foods, not caring that these chemicals are killing our minds, bodies, and numbing our spirits! Ever ate a meal heavy in meats and starches and can’t help but feel lethargic after? Well thats because its your body breaking down the food at a slower rate, and now the food that it didn’t get to break down is sitting there turning into FAT! You know the saying you are what you eat? Well imagine eating an animal that went through trauma, shock, and fear after watching another animal be killed by these senseless factory workers….guess what you are now eating…that animals energy of fear, trauma, and shock. Over the course of last summer I went on a fully raw diet for 4 days and lost 8 pounds rapidly and never felt so good in my life because instead of my body using all my energy to break down the food I was eating it was giving all of my energy to my brain! Fully raw is more of challenge I won’t lie but very rewarding. Lately I have been consuming more cheese, meat, etc and my skin has been breaking out like no other and I really believe this is my body trying to tell me to chill out on the crap so Im cutting it for a week to see how I feel. ( Btw acne is another way of your body telling you, you need a DETOX ASAP) Hopefully I’m right and next week I can give you an update !

Here is a link to a African Ancestry site that tells you more about our diet!


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