Turn Up Broz- The New Gospel


Turn up Broz are a group of brothersIMG_0494 that have teamed up to further their purpose in eyes of God in an unconventional way. These brothers have taken the approach of collaborating urban music and gospel together that’s quite appealing to younger audience’s ears that it’s meant to capture. The Turn up Broz do such a great job at mixing the styles, that it forces you to hear their words of meaning and of God. With their great word play on scriptures and other biblical meanings it’s sure to say that this group is on the new wave of Gospel music. They have their first music video dropping later today, at 6 pm which will be posted right here on the blog along with their first song out on ITunes right now! The Turn Up Broz are currently working on their first album which I can suspect to be nothing less than extraordinary. Follow the Turn Up Broz at “@TurnUpBroz” on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.


Below is a visual of their first live show.

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